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As a consequence of the impact the global pandemic has had on international shipping, we are either out of stock or have limited stocks of Wild Ferns products.   We are working with the team in New Zealand to resolve this and thank you for your patience and commitment to the Wild Ferns, Manukavantage and Beevantage brands.


New Zealand is the home of the world’s finest Kiwifruit, an oval shaped fruit with a brown and fuzzy skin and a bright emerald green or golden flesh with tiny, black edible seeds. They have a delicious taste (similar to that of a gooseberry, hence the original name of the fruit) and a fresh, full fragrance.

Not only are kiwifruit delicious to eat, they are naturally high in vitamins and minerals and antioxidants that are all beneficial for the health and enhancement of your skin.

The vitamins that are found in abundance in kiwifruit include Vitamin E and Vitamin C.


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